10 – Cruising

The Dudes join Al Pacino for a little undercover homo-erotic thrills in 1980’s “Cruising”, directed by William Friedkin. They also discuss the portrayal of homosexuality throughout cinema history.

Other Movies Discussed

  • Funny Games – Directed by Michael Haneke
  • Amour – Directed by Michael Haneke
  • The Thing (2011) – Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

Break Music

“Minuet in G” by Beethoven














1 thought on “10 – Cruising”

  1. 1. The disclaimer was not in the theater release.
    2. The current condition of the extras is irreverent.
    3. The bandanas were soaked in Amyl Nitrate (poppers)
    ~~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The killer is shown as having a St. Louis address. That street does not exist in the St. Louis area. That exact address does exist in a Chicago suburb.

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