Meet the Dudes

The Origin Story

Scott and Dave have been discussing movies together for nearly 10 years. They met while working for the same Fortune 500 company, and became fast friends. In February of 2012, Scott launched, a website dedicated to pop-culture, movies, videogames, and sports. Together, with their friend Jim, they premiered the Giga Punch Podcast, and slowly gained a small following. After two years of podcasting and writing articles, Giga Punch closed.

Now, they’re at it again.



Scott is a single dad living in St. Louis with his 6 year old son. He likes movies, videogames, hockey, and craft beer. He’s caught almost every Pokemon.

Twitter: @scottcharboneau




Dave is an Ohio native and Phoenix transplant residing in St. Louis. When he’s not rooting for the Indians or Browns, he practices his Mike Tyson’s Punch Out strategies.

Twitter: @DavidLynnMille1



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